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So you are reading this and are wondering why you should use Pixelweb to run your next digital marketing campaign? I’m glad you asked! I’ve prepared some excellent reasons why you should partner with us.

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Why use cheap websites?

So why use Pixelweb?

If you have had a good look around the website you will notice a  theme running through. A successful website / eCommerce website requires:

The above is in essence digital marketing. The ability to bring in traffic, to convince the user to do something then follow up to either convince them to do something or to upsell or nurture them into a fan of your brand.

Below you will see some areas of content marketing we can help with.  Give us a call today to see how we can help your business.

Video marketing

Using videos on your website and your marketing is the perfect way to boost traffic and engagement.

Pixeweb can create videos for use in your digital marketing. As YouTube ad videos, explainer videos, Facebook Ad videos, or product Videos we can create, storyboard, and edit videos for our customers.

Instagram Shop
Facebook Icon Shop
Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing

Pixelweb offers a range of services, from creating content, images, and video to creating and managing social media campaigns. 

We can run your social media for you with monthly planning meetings, posting and ad campaigns.

Landing pages

Landing pages are perfect for paid advertising. They will increase your ad score while increasing your conversion rate. You can even attach dedicated domain names so the pages are separated away from your main brand. 

With a whole page dedicated to the service or product, you are promoting with no menu or other links navigating away from the page you focus the view on the topic and increase conversion. Hook your form into a CRM and automated email flow to increase viewer experience with your brand and reduce missed opportunities to follow up. How about an explainer video to really get your message across?

Stahls Screen Printing Landing Page
Meadfrost Marketing Landing Page
Landing Page Design

Some of our happy Customers

What really counts is results however we make the process as easy as possible too…. Your Welcome!

Our website just wasn’t making sales and was clunky to update so we spoke to Lee and within a couple of months the sales started rolling in and we haven’t looked back.


Simon Collins

Simon Collins

Dive Now

“Revenue is growing month on month”

We struggled with the retail side of our business then we engaged Lee to run the digital marketing and we have seen consistent growth.

Bernard Phillips

Bernard Phillips

PSL Fire & Safety

Ongoing support has been a lifesaver. Getting a great website was the first step but developing it from there has been the key.

Creating a digital marketing strategy has been the key to increased profits.

Jason Gitmans

Jason Gitmans

Pro Graphix

Couldn’t have been easier.

Our current website was old and clunky not mobile friendly and a Google disaster. Lee came in walked me through the process and within two weeks we had our new website!

Brett Cole

Brett Cole

Lock Services

Needed a website for our new business so contacted Lee as I trusted he could do the job.

And I wasn’t disappointed, got a clean mobile-friendly website and he’s always available to make updates as the business grows.

Lee Adaway

Lee Adaway

Clearly Secure

Lee has built dozens of website solutions for me to suit varying budgets and requirements. He is honest and reliable! Highly recommend.


Gavan Hogg

Gavan Hogg

CEO Alternate Instinct

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