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So you are reading this and are wondering why you should use Pixelweb to build your eCommerce website right? I’m glad you asked! I’ve prepared some excellent reasons why you should partner with us.

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So why use Pixelweb?

We look at all the areas of eCommerce, not just building a functional website. We look at how you will generate your traffic, what sales channels you will be using, how you communicate with your customers how well your website will convert that traffic.

Without looking at all these areas you will not have a successful online business, we are only interested in success, your success is our success.

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Lets go into alittle bit more detail on what makes a successful eCommerce website.

Generate Traffic

While every business is different generally we look at three sources of traffic. Direct, Referal and organic.

Traffic sources maybe include social channels like Instagram shops. Or through paid channels like Google Shopping. In consultation with the client, we will look at which channel will get the best bang for the buck. 

Usually, we will end up with a mixture of free and paid advertising and we will then look at remarketing to follow up on that traffic.

Sales Channels

While the website will be the centrepiece of your online business it’s quite likely that it won’t be the only sales channel you will use. It may be that you can also promote your products on other sales channels like Etsy, Amazon, eBay or Fruugo (to name a few)

The most import here is that you are not uploading listings multiple times and that’s where product feeds come into it upload once and feed out to multiple market places.

This is what we do with our own websites. It saves time which is great!

Website Conversion

A key area that is often missed is website content and product listings. These all need to be done in such a way as to convert the customer coming in.

What you don’t want is to have paid for the traffic and then let them get away due to not enough time and effort spent on converting the customer. Funnel layouts, engaging copy along with social proof and tactics like scarcity will all help to convert those customers.

Continous testing and changes will help to increase those conversions.

eCommerce Websites we have built

All our websites are built with sales conversions in mind.

Some of our happy customers

What really counts is results however we make the process as easy as possible too…. Your Welcome!

"Went from 1 sale in a year to 5 figures a month"

Our website just wasn’t making sales and was clunky to update so we spoke to Lee and within a couple of months the sales started rolling in and we haven’t looked back.

Simon Collins
Simon Collins

Owner Dive Gear Online

"Revenue is growing month on month"

We struggled with the retail side of our business then we engaged Lee to run the digital marketing and we have seen consistent growth.

Bernard Phillips
Bernard Phillips

Owner PSL Fire & Safety

"Ongoing support has been a lifesaver."

Getting a great website was the first step but developing it from the has been the key.

Jason Gitmans
Jason Gitmans

Owner ProGraphix

Simon Dive Gear Online

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