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So you are reading this and are wondering why you should use Pixelweb to build your new website right? I’m glad you asked! I’ve prepared some excellent reasons why you should partner with us.

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So why use Pixelweb?

Anyone these days can indeed build a website. This website is built having used no coding whatsoever.

So why use a web designer at all, I hear you ask? 

Great question! It would help if you had someone with years of experience putting all the elements together to make a successful converting website.

You are looking at how best to get traffic to your website and how we pair a clean, mobile-friendly website with engaging, converting content. Then integrate the website with your backend CRM so your staff can follow up on the inquiries.

This is what Pixelweb does.

Traffic, conversion, capture, followup.

If you’re working hard and spending money on getting traffic to your website then you need a website that will convert that traffic. 

Capture the information using a CRM and follow up with your customers using carefully crafted automated emails, this will warm up your leads before you have even spoken to them!

Wrap that up with in-depth statistics so you can make informed decisions/changes as required.

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Websites we have built

Some examples of websites we have built.

Some of our happy Customers

What really counts is results however we make the process as easy as possible too…. Your Welcome!

Our website just wasn’t making sales and was clunky to update so we spoke to Lee and within a couple of months the sales started rolling in and we haven’t looked back.


Simon Collins

Simon Collins

Dive Now

“Revenue is growing month on month”

We struggled with the retail side of our business then we engaged Lee to run the digital marketing and we have seen consistent growth.

Bernard Phillips

Bernard Phillips

PSL Fire & Safety

Ongoing support has been a lifesaver. Getting a great website was the first step but developing it from there has been the key.

Creating a digital marketing strategy has been the key to increased profits.

Jason Gitmans

Jason Gitmans

Pro Graphix

Couldn’t have been easier.

Our current website was old and clunky not mobile friendly and a Google disaster. Lee came in and walked me through the process and within two weeks we had our new website!

Brett Cole

Brett Cole

Lock Services

Needed a website for our new business so contacted Lee as I trusted he could do the job.

And I wasn’t disappointed, got a clean mobile-friendly website and he’s always available to make updates as the business grows.

Lee Adaway

Lee Adaway

Clearly Secure

Lee has built dozens of website solutions for me to suit varying budgets and requirements. He is honest and reliable! Highly recommend.


Gavan Hogg

Gavan Hogg

CEO Alternate Instinct

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